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Tips to Plan an Easy Family Reunion

Getting the whole family together for a reunion or vacation can be a difficult task when working with different schedules, budgets, and vacation ideas. Follow these tips to ensure a seamless planning process for the entire family and a flawless reunion at Floridays Resort Orlando!


1. Plan Ahead

Make sure everyone will have plenty of time to save up and make their travel plans. Planning usually begins 6 months to a year before the reunion will take place. This allows time for everyone to give input and to plan all of the details.  


2. Choose the Perfect Location

Pick a location and venue that is affordable and accessible to everyone in the group. By selecting accommodations that offer large suites with multiple bedrooms, families on a budget will be able to share costs without sacrificing comfort. Choose a location with plenty of local attractions so family members have plenty to do during down time.


3. Keep Everyone in the Loop

Make sure that communication is very clear so that everyone knows what is planned and what needs to be done. Technology and social media can make this easier and provide a way to socialize before the reunion begins!


4. Plan activities that everyone will enjoy

Everyone might not know each other, so be sure to plan a few activities and icebreakers to help get the ball rolling. Choose activities that will allow everyone to socialize with one another and avoid overly-strenuous activities that might exclude anyone.


5. Book a Family Reunion Package

If planning all of the details is still a little overwhelming, choose a resort or destination that offers to do all of the planning for you! Many resorts will offer a Family Reunion Package that includes pre-planned group activities along with catered meals. Let the resort staff plan, set-up, and clean-up everything so that you and your family are free to reconnect with one another.

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