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Top Reasons to have an Intimate Wedding in Orlando

Creating a guest list can be one of the most difficult tasks for a bride and groom as both sides try to squeeze in as many relatives and friends as they can. However, the traditional trend of large, over-the-top weddings is shifting as brides are seeing the advantages of keeping their nuptials more personal and intimate. Here are a few reasons why to consider a smaller wedding vs. a big wedding from the event coordinator at Floridays Resort.

The average number of wedding guests in 2012 was 139 – a number that has been steadily decreasing since 2008 according to an annual survey produced by At Floridays Resort Orlando, we specialize in planning intimate dream weddings from start to finish. Based on our expertise in the industry, the following are five of the advantages to keeping your wedding small:

#1 Keep it Personal

On your wedding day, you'll be surrounded by only people who are the very closest to you and your groom. The pressure is off and your nuptials feel more like a personal celebration with a close-knit group than a major production.

#2 Lower Cost

It is no surprise that cost is one of the biggest advantages of keeping the number of guests down. Less people means less food, fewer tables, and less space. Staying within that wedding budget isn't so impossible after all.

#3 More Quality Time

Having fewer guests at your “I Do’s” will allow you to spend more quality time with each of them. Your guests will feel special to have been chosen to attend, and you can personally thank them for joining you. With less guests to mingle with, you will have more time to catch up with them and more time to enjoy your reception.

#4 Room to Splurge

Intimate weddings aren't just for brides with tight budgets. Many couples choose to keep it small so that they can splurge on certain things with the saved money like an upgraded catering package or open bar.

#5 Stress-free Travel

It’s easier to pull off a destination wedding when there are less people involved. More people mean more stress, especially when you are making travel arrangements. A larger guest list also means more money if the couple is helping out with guest travel fees.

If you’re interested in learning more about hosting your dream wedding at Floridays Resort Orlando, visit our Events Page.