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Ways to Stay Cool in Orlando

With the sun shining and the kids out of school, the summer months are among the most popular for visiting Orlando, Florida. However, these can also be the hottest months of the year with temperatures rising into the mid to upper 90’s most days of the week. While many of our guests venture out to visit Orlando’s attractions each day, we want to make sure everyone is doing all that they can to beat the heat. Here are a few tips that Floridays Resort has came up with to keep you and your family cool:


Sit in the Splash Zone

Whether you’re visiting one of the Universal Studios Orlando theme parks, a Disney World theme park, or SeaWorld, there are plenty of opportunities to get a quick splash of water to cool yourself off. Many of the theme parks have thrill rides involving a big splash of cool water, like Dudley-do-right’s Ripsaw Falls at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Or, if you’re heading to SeaWorld, sit in the first few rows at the One Ocean show to get splashed with ice cold water by Shamu himself.

Get to the Park Early

The temperatures start climbing and reach their highest in the early afternoon. Get to the theme parks early and enjoy some of the outdoor activities before the sun gets at its hottest. Then use the hot afternoon to enjoy some of the indoor, air-conditioned shows. 

 Drink Plenty of Water

When the sun is beating down on you all day, it’s easy to get dehydrated. The Florida climate is hot and humid, which increases your need for water. Be sure to drink even more water than you are used to drinking and your body temperature will have an easier time staying low.

Take a Day Off!

If you and your family need a break from walking around at the theme parks, take a day off to relax and recuperate. Spend some time lounging in the shade next to the pool. If you have a car, take a day trip to the coast and spend the day swimming in the cool Ocean water. If you don’t want to take a day off from Orlando’s attractions, visit an indoor option like WonderWorks or Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Museum.

 Dress Lightly

Wear loose-fitting clothing made from fabrics that breathe well. Remember that darker colors like navy blue and black actually attract the sun, so stick to clothing in lighter shades.